Restricted Neighborhood Info

WaterColor Resort

This neighborhood only approves one company as their "preferred provider." Please contact us to discuss which company that is. Any renter with a disability or handicap can rent from any company they want. We also provide sales and repair services to WaterColor's owners.

Alys Beach

These neighborhoods only allow golf carts for owners and necessity based rentals. These rental include handicapped, elderly, or pregnant individuals. They also only allow golf carts up to 4 passengers for necessity purposes.


Only behind the gates of WaterSound, street legal carts are not allowed unless the owner has provided one at the house. Please check your address to see if you're behind the gates. Some Beach rental properties use the name water sound but they are actually not located behind the gates in WaterSound.

Seacrest Beach

This community allows street legal golf carts and we service this area. However, Seacrest does not have car or cart parking at the place where you access the beach. The carts can still be driven to the pool, nearby public beach accesses, 30 Avenue, The Hub, and other great places like Seagrove.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

This community does not allow any rental golf carts on property.

Carillon Beach

South Walton Golf Cart Rentals does not provide street legal golf cart rentals at Carillon Beach.