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Best LSV Rental in South Walton

"Best LSV Rental in South Walton"

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*Carts are not allowed on the beach.

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About Our Company

South Walton Golf Cart Rentals is a street legal golf cart rental company that offers both gas and electric LSV (Low Speed Vehicles) carts in 4, 6, or 8 passenger capacity.

We started our golf cart company in 2011 as a rental company, but have expanded into service, repairs, and sales. We service areas from Panama City Beach to Destin, Florida with our main area being Highway 30A and South Walton.


We are your #1 rated company for great services, golf carts, and rates. We take pride in our street legal carts and it shows. Check out our carts or reserve one today.

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Sales & Repairs

We offer sales of 4 and 6 passenger carts. We also provide service, customization, and repairs to your personal golf carts. If you would like to schedule a service call, please call us at 850.797.0284

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8am-5pm | 6 Days a Week

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Email Preferred December to February

*Starting in December we will be closed on Sundays for all business including rental pick ups and drop offs. Please schedule your rental drop off for Saturday afternoon or Monday morning. You will not have to be present to have the rental delivered. Thank you.