Afterhours FAQs

Rental Emergencies

We value your business however most all people that work for or at South Walton carts have a family. We work during the day and we are unable to come out at night. We only consider an emergency where we need to come out to be a wrecked cart.

If a wreck happens treat it just like a automobile accident. Get a police report and exchange insurance information along with pictures.

We do our best to keep the newest nicest rental fleet but breakdowns are inevitable. 95% of all of our breakdowns have to do with electric carts were the battery is out of charge. Listed are helpful tips for after our breakdowns.

After 5 p.m. always bring your charge cord with you.

Cart charge meters are not always reliable. Sometimes meters will give false readings. To truly know if you have a good charge will be how long the charger was actually charging before you took the cart. 6 hours on charge is a full charge.

It is vital after hours to keep your vehicle charged. When in doubt plug it in when you're not using it. Confirm that the charger is actually operating.

If the cart starts to slow down or acts sluggish pull over somewhere safe preferably near a power outlet. Do not continue to drive the cart because when it finally runs out of charge the motor will lock up and you will be stranded in the middle of the road.

Do not try to push pull or tow the cart unless you have called a professional tow company. That tow company will need to use wheel dollies on the back two tires. Any cart that is pushed pulled or towed other than by a professional will cause damage to the motor which you will be responsible for.

If a cart has to be left at a location other than where you are staying that night make sure it is somewhere safe and that you have permission to leave it there.

Notify us and we will come out the next day and take care of whatever needs to be done as far as getting it back to your residence.

Again we value your business and if any issues do arrive after hours email us at [email protected] and put "Emergency" in the header. If we see the email come through that night we will do our best to respond if not we will contact you first thing in the morning when we open up.

Revo Charging Instructions